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Have you broken your glasses?

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Our quick service of welding of frames is available on location. We use equipment that is "Haute de Gamme". Our "Laser Quality" Welding, so fine in finish that it is barely visible to the naked eye. Don't waste your money with other who do a substandard and temporary job! Most eyewear professionals in Montreal are sending us their glasses for repair and in turn, are charging a high price from their customers. Our glasses welding service has been made famous in town since our the birth of our business in 1993. The prices may vary according to the alloys of the frames. Due to the wide variety of alloys in today's age, we are unable to give you an idea of the price over the telephone. Although most titanium based alloys are weldable, there are other titanium based alloys that may not be weldable.
Publié le : 2021-05-05
Ville : Montréal
Distance : 0 Km

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Nom de l'annonceur: M. Jewelry Guru     Chat Hors ligne
Téléphone principal: 514-353-4666
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