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Verification of diamond prongs done free of charge

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Did you know that at our store, the verification of your diamond prongs is done free of charge? Yes, Bijouterie Guru is the only jewelry store to offer this service. Why pay big money to have your diamond ring mountings replaced when you can have the claws repaired for a fraction of the cost. We will check your prongs and if necessary, the claws can be re-done by adding fine weld onto the worn claw. The result is so fine that the repair is barely visible to the naked eye. In most cases, the claws do not need any repair whatsoever. And in some cases we have even found that a diamond was on the verge of falling off of the ring. Why should you worry about it needlessly? So, don't be intimidated by the high priced jewellers who only want to sell you a brand new mounting for your diamonds.
Publié le : 2020-11-03
Ville : Montréal
Distance : 0 Km

Verification of diamond prongs done free of charge
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