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Tubescreamer Analogman TS-808 MOD

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250$ À discuter
From the website from the makers of the mod: Basically we modify many Tube Screamer and Boss pedals to exact TS-808 specs (or better) to improve the sound. After the mod they are smoother and less harsh, more musical, less like a pedal and more like a great cranked tube amp. We can sell you a new TS9, TS9DX (turbo), TS-808, or Maxon OD-9 or SD-9, or many Boss pedals, already modified, as we keep them in stock. There is an order form below for online ordering of a new pedal. Or you can send me your pedal to mod, it takes just a few days to get back to you. See below for a Mod Form to send in with your pedal. Please fill out the form, then print it and send it in with your pedal to mod. It explains everything you need to send in a pedal for the mod.
Publié le : 2017-09-10
Ville : Montréal
Distance : 0 Km

Tubescreamer Analogman TS-808 MODTubescreamer Analogman TS-808 MOD
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