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Location: Nuns Island (H3E 1H2)

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Requesting; weekly cleaning services. Looking for an individual for an initial deep clean, followed by a weekly cleaning service of my 3.5 apartment. Cleaning windows, cleaning interior/exterior of appliances seasonally. Folding/hanging up laundry weekly. There is a dog, Japanese spitz, and two sphynx cats in the home. Location: Nuns Island (H3E 1H2) Please contact me with the following information; if not included, I will not respond and please don't ask me to call you. Please let me know how many years you have been cleaning. How comfortable you are with animals? My animals are curious little things, and my dog loves new people . Price for your services, if you supply cleaning products or not. Hourly would be fine as an introductory step, but after a working relationship is accepted, I prefer a set fee per week/seasonal job, just f
Publié le : 2022-06-19
Ville : Montréal
Distance : 0 Km

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Nom de l'annonceur: Mme Will Givename     Chat Hors ligne
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